Our services

Our highly qualified and experienced team of consultants and recruiters are there to ensure that you are provided with customized solutions for your projects.
You benefits:

  • Access to national and international human resource pools, including our data base.
  • Provision of flexible and mobile manpower.
  • Interviews can be arranged at any global location.
  • Assistance in drafting contracts.
  • Coordination of all relevant travel and visas documents.

International and National Competence: TTI International Limited in Malta

TTI International Ltd, located in Malta, recruits manpower for worldwide and local Maltese projects and operations. We specialize in recruiting and  deploying  recognized professionals.

Direct Placement of Manpower

Our highly experienced consultants will take over the recruitment of permanent staff for you. Job advertisements, staff interviews and the pre-selection of candidates are taken care of by our consultants, saving you time and money.

TTI focuses on each individual. We make sure that the 'chemistry' is right and that your requirements are fulfilled.

Your benefits:

  • Candidate selection based on defined requirements
  • Speedy processing
  • Absolute discretion
  • Highly experienced recruiters and consultants
  • High degree of transparency in our operations and our fee is only invoiced upon the  successful placement of a candidate

Contract Hire (short-term contracts)

This involves the flexible 24/7 deployment of manpower

This model is applicable to clients when:

  • Order peaks must be covered
  • Specialists are only required for a limited time
  • Personnel is required to cover  vacation or special leave
  • Projects or production needs to be extended for a short period of time