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Civil and Structural Engineering Draughtsperson (m/f/o)


  • Producing and assisting the team with the production of schematic and detailed technical drawings from development of concept design ideas and feasibility
  • Detailed sketches and drawings, architectural design, civil engineering design, structural engineering design, design coordination, supervision of works and measurement
  • Preparing technical and drawing schedules
  • Performing building surveys and related field work as assigned
  • Planning and managing documentation of design work
  • Ensuring that all Civil and Structural Engineering aspects of the project are properly and efficiently managed and controlled
  • Continually ensuring that practices, policies, strategy and services represent the client’s and the company’s best interests
  • Coordinating work with other members of the project team, determine project details, such as plan preparation, acceptance testing, and evaluation of field conditions
  • Inspecting project sites and evaluate contractor work to monitor process materials
  • Ensure conformance to design specifications and applicable codes, and compliance with contract documents, reporting challenges encountered in replicating plans on site to senior staff members
  • Assisting with the administrative and organizational aspects of Civil and Structural engineering works
  • Developing systems and procedures to ensure that CAD and BIM systems and other systems

Architect Assistant (m/f/o)


  • Assisting in the architectural design of projects from the conceptual phase through to construction, preparing concept sketches and architectural
  • Planning, construction and technical drawings and documents
  • Assisting the architectural team with dimensional surveys of buildings
  • Preparing and developing block plans, layout plans, elevations and cross sections in architectural, planning and construction drawings
  • Assisting in preparing and developing 3D-modelling and visual imagery for architectural projects
  • Preparing and developing area schedules for architectural projects and other related projects
  • Preparing and developing aperture schedules or schedules relating to other architectural components, including developing product data sheets
  • Undertaking works related to the Planning Authority (PA), liaising with the PA, environmental and other Authorities and organizations for planning consent and any other associated permits and clearances
  • Preparing and developing drawings and documents required 
  • Inspecting and delivering supervision services on project sites to ensure compliance with contract documents, professional and company standards, health and safety, and codes of practice
  • Meeting with the various stakeholders to coordinate plans and make sure all requirements are met
  • Preparing regular progress reports and any required meeting minutes
  • Ensuring the use of advanced design and presentation software 

Civil and Structural Engineer (m/f/o)


  • Concept design and feasibility, structural and civil engineering design, limited architectural design, design coordination, supervision of works and certification of contractor bills
  • Ensuring compliance with current legislation, professional Standards and Codes of Practice
  • Proactively and efficiently managing changes in project scope, identifying potential crises, and assisting with devising contingency plans 
  • Ensuring that all Civil and Structural Engineering aspects of the project are properly managed and controlled
  • Preparing recommendations for Clients’ approval
  • Preparing and communicating technical and commercial progress reports to internal and external stakeholders
  • Analyzing and preparing reports with the necessary calculations about loads, stresses and strains regarding structural components, element sizing and detailing of structural elements
  • Selecting and utilizing the right materials
  • Examining structures and assessing their condition and advising how to improve their structural integrity
  • Monitoring planning, scope, budgets and schedules, ensuring that services and project work are carried out within the stipulated deadlines and budgets
  • Monitoring and optimizing safety designs, procedures, production processes, and regulatory compliance
  • Inspecting project sites to ensure compliance with contract document
  • Keeping abreast of latest trends and technologies in the Industry

Audit & Assurance Seniors and Semi Seniors (m/f/o)


  • Take a lead role in dealing with all aspects of planning, conducting and finalisation of statutory audits together with the Audit Partners
  • Build and maintain effective working relationships with client personnel and meet client and firm deadlines
  • Report and present findings to the business, making recommendations for solutions and improvements to policies/procedures
  • Assurance, preparation, and review of financial statements following GAPSME and IFRS
  • Other assurance and audit commitments can be passed to your responsibility

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